Teacher Testimonials

High school teachers have been using Geniverse for several years.  More recently, college professors, middle school teachers and adult educators are reporting student success with Geniverse.  

Using the program...

  • “I am truly delighted by the program and the kids' reception to it.”
  • “The kids really liked the story. They loved being able to pick their avatar.”
  • “When they then went to Challenge 4 and had crossing over the smiles were spectacular!!!”
  • “The collaborative nature of the work is what I find most authentic and affirming for students and teacher alike.”
  • “Teaching Punnett squares was such a breeze after they did all this preliminary work on cases 4 and 6. Some had already invented the upper and lower case lettering!”

Students doing science...

  • “...fantastic. The struggles that students encountered are real enough to validate what scientists experience but solvable enough to make them feel accomplished.”
  • “The discussions that are occurring around the table as they are working through their challenges are very cool. They are talking science!”