Which Version of Geniverse is Right for You?

There are two versions of Geniverse. Both are freely available online. This page will help you to decide which one fits your needs.
The Full version vs. the Demo version
  • The Full version of Geniverse requires registration and tracks student progress.
  • With the Demo version, there's no registration, but student progress is not saved.
Version  Cost Access

and Log In

Student Progress
Saves Stars
Teacher Access
to Reports
Full Free! All levels Required   Yes  Yes  Yes
Demo Free! All levels None required   No  No  No

When you log into the Full Version of Geniverse, your work is saved. Each time you use Geniverse, you see your progress and easily pick up from where you left off. In contrast, the Demo Version does not save work: it requires no username and password and does not remember who you are, or where you got to each time you play. Therefore, stars earned in challenges are not saved between uses in the Demo. In addition, the Demo Version does not have access to the online Journal of Drake Genetics and teachers using the Demo Version will not have access to their students’ work.  The Full Version provides reports on the number of stars earned by each student for each challenge.  The Full Version also allows teachers to read student Journal posts.

Teachers and Students access the Full Version via the Learn portal by registering for an account.  

Use the Demo Version to check out Geniverse or to use only one or two Cases (activities) with students or project Geniverse on a shared screen as a demonstration. If you plan to do more, students are likely to want to see and save their progress in the game, and the Full version is recommended. Both versions are free!  If you use the Demo Version, we suggestion you start with the 3-Lesson Primer