Geniverse includes embedded performance assessments that allow multiple opportunities for evaluating student learning and a Final Assessment that can be used to conclude the genetics unit. 

Tracking student progress:  Students' progress through the game is reflected in the Case Log by stars and quills. When students complete a game-like challenge, they receive 1, 2 or 3 stars, based on their performance. To earn 3 stars, a student must complete the challenge in the most efficient way, and students will often repeat challenges several times in order to up thier rating. When students complete an argumentation challenge they post a claim to the class Journal, for which they receive a quill in their Case Log. Teachers can read student claims in the Journal by downloading the Star Report.

Star Report (Progress Report): Teachers can download the Star Report showing the number of times each students attempted a challenge, and their score for each challenge. The report is accessed by clicking the small mirror on the Geniverse Home Page (the office), and typing "starz".  A spreadsheet will download to your computer and will include reports for all your students, separated by class sections.  Note that there are two tabs in the spreadsheet.  The second tab contains student CER entries to the Journal of Drake Genetics.

Leveling up: As students advance through the first three levels of Geniverse, they must pass a "Certification Exam" in order to ascend to the next level of the game. Each one addresses the traits and genetics that have been introduced across the level. Student performance on each Certification Exams is included in the Star Report.

Journal of Drake Genetics: Student entries to the Journal are visible only to the teacher and can be found in the second tab of the Star Report spreadsheet.

Quizzes: Quizzes and other assessments ideas are included in the Lesson Plans. Printable handouts of quizzes are also available.

Final Assessment: Teachers can assign an online Final Assessment, covering many of the Learning Goals, through the Learn portal. In order to access the assessment, students will log into the Portal where they will see a link to the Final Assessment. Similarly, teachers will use the Portal to view a detailed report of student answers and overall score. Setting up the Final Assessment for your students is easy.

Watch this video to learn how to set up the Final Assessment in the Learn portal.

To view a report of student work on either the Initial or Final Assessment, click on the Run Report button located on the Assignments page for your class.
Run report