Guide to Using Arrow's Story

Woven through the Geniverse software is the story of Arrow, a dragon injured by poachers and rescued by the avatar that you select when you begin your journey through Geniverse.  Arrow’s story engages students and motivates them to solve the mystery of his illness and also lays the foundation for studying drake genetics. After completing certain challenges in the software, cartoon panels unlock, providing new pieces of evidence that help you solve for Arrow’s illness. Arrow’s story ties together the inheritance, meiotic, and molecular models of genetics embedded in the software.

This guide will:

  • summarize the storyline,
  • indicate when each element of the story appears, and
  • describe how to unlock the entire story should you find yourself short on time but desiring to reach the conclusion.

The Introductory Narrative

When you log into Geniverse for the first time you will select an avatar, who will appear in all elements of the story.

After selecting your avatar, you are taken to the start of the story, comprised of three brief “chapters”. Navigate through the pages of a chapter as shown below.


At the end of Chapters 1 and 2, click the <next chapter> button to proceed.


At the end of Chapter 3 click the <enter geniverse> button to proceed to the activities.

Additional Cartoon Panels

Five additional cartoon panels “unlock” upon completion of specific cases in the software.  They are added to a list of unlocked items that can be reviewed at will by clicking on the <lock button> in the navigation bar.


The five cartoon panels are displayed and summarized below, including when they unlock.  

After Case #5:
The first tentative links are made between one of Arrow’s symptoms, a biological process, and a known disease in drakes. 

After Case #10:
Arrow’s craving for pumpkins is linked to a desire to eat foods low in protein.

After Case #15:
Arrow’s condition is similar to one found in humans, possibly related to the disease that caused Dr. Weaver’s wife’s untimely death.

After Case #17:
Special drakes were ordered to aid in researching Arrow’s disease, and they have arrived.

The End of the Story

A final cartoon panel describes the resolution to Arrow’s disease and allows the user to select an ending for her/his avatar. This panel unlocks only after one finishes using the Bog Breath Level of the Gene-to-Protein Genie*.

*The Gene-to-Protein Genie represents the molecular model of inheritance. Like the cartoon panels, different “levels” of this model unlock upon completion of specific cases. In order to view the final part of Arrow’s story, one must use the Gene-to-Protein-Genie that unlocks upon completion of Case #18. Learn more about the Genie.

Unlocking all Cartoon Panels at Once

If you would like to know how Arrow’s story is resolved, but cannot complete all the challenges, these steps unlock all the cartoon panels at once and add them to the list under the lock button as described earlier. Anyone who has completed through Case 9 has sufficient knowledge to solve Case 18, which also unlocks via these steps and leads to the resolution of Arrow’s story. Please Note: These steps also unlock all levels of the Gene-to-Protein Genie, which are also added to the list under the lock icon.

  • Use this button to navigate to the Geniverse Home Screen (office scene).  
  • Click on the mirror on the wall to the right of the column at center screen.
  • At this prompt, enter the word vroom.
  • All the cartoon panels have now been unlocked and are listed below the lock button at the top of the screen.