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Welcome to Geniversity, the official teacher resource website for Geniverse!  

Geniversity has been designed to help teachers use Geniverse, free web-based software for high school biology that engages students in exploring genetics by breeding and studying virtual dragons.  We also welcome middle school and college classrooms to join in the journey through Geniverse. 

Geniversity includes teacher guides, lesson plans, student handouts, technical tips and Discussion Forums to support our growing community of dedicated teachers.

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Geniventure coming soon: The dragons will be released August 2019.

What is Geniventure?
Geniventure is our newest dragon genetics game that builds on Geniverse and includes the multi-level components responsible for physical traits. Geniventure specifically highlights the the role of proteins in genetics. Through scaffolded virtual investigations, students first explore the physical traits that result from allele combinations, then dive deeper by zooming into cells and manipulating the proteins that ultimately give rise to those traits. Geniventure also includes an intelligent tutoring system and a real-time teacher dashboard.

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