Teacher Guides

The teacher plays a critical role in facilitating successful use of Geniverse by students; it is not designed to be a stand-alone activity. In many respects, Geniverse is more like a game than a typical genetics simulation. Depending on your intended use of the program and familiarity and comfort using games in the classroom, this may require a new approach. See Teaching with a Game for more information.

Each Teacher Guide starts with an overview of the entire set of activities in that level and a list of the learning outcomes students should attain by the end of the level. This introductory material is followed by a section specific to each Case in that level. Each of these sections starts with an overview specific to the Case and then suggests preparatory steps, and offers considerations specific to the case, potential trouble spots, key points, and questions for deeper thinking. The underlying genetic mechanisms are described, as are the real genes upon which the traits are based. Solutions are also proivded.

Teacher Guides can be used alone, or in conjunction with the lesson plans also provided on this site.

Download all teacher guides in one PDF file.

  • Training Level Teacher Guide: The Training Level introduces the Geniverse software, and guides students to make connections between genotype, phenotype, meiosis and fertilization. Students are also introduced to the process of constructing scientific explanations or “arguments” (making a claim, providing appropriate evidence, and explaining their reasoning).
  • Apprentice Level Teacher Guide: At the Apprentice Level students are introduced to more complex genetic mechanisms and to using quantification to understand and document inheritance mechanisms. Students are also introduced to recombination.
  • Journeyman Level Teacher Guide: In the Journeyman Level students continue to use breeding data and past experience with inheritance mechanisms to understand the inheritance of additional, complex traits.
  • Master Level Teacher Guide: The Master Level challenges students' understanding of the inheritance of two familiar traits. Through further breeding experiments they must amend their explanations of the inheritance of these traits, incorporating the newly revealed phenotypes. The final Case in this Level resolves Arrow's story.